Friday, February 19, 2010

Sign Of The Times

Several months ago I ran into a woman at Costco with twin girls who told me that I just HAD to sign with the boys. She convinced me that I did need to do this so I went home and ordered the book she recommended along with a DVD. The book arrived and we tried a few signs while we had a captive audience - while the boys were in their highchairs. It lasted a few days but as I got bogged down in the daily grind I forgot to sign consistently and questioned whether or not I was even doing the signs correctly. As time passed I misplaced the book and completely forgot about the DVD. Bad Mom! Once Casey's work schedule relaxed a little and he was home for dinners, the natural teacher came out in him and he started signing with the boys. They picked it up really quickly and were soon telling me more, or "mo, mo, mo" at mealtimes. The boys also learned a few signs from one of their Baby Einstein videos that they love. We have stuck with just a few simple words but I am truly impressed by them. I know millions of babies do sign language but they are my tiny babies beginning to communicate! It is like watching the evolution of man right before your eyes! The words they can sign are; more, book, ball, bowl, tree, cup, milk, blocks, table, refrigerator, and they have even invented their own signs for draw and bath. Here are some pictures of the boys signing a few of their favorite words.

Evan's version of 'more'

Isaac learning "cup"

Drew loves to tell us when he sees a tree!

"Book" is a very popular sign at our house. I'll try to get a picture of all of the guys doing this one. Shouldn't be hard because I see it a LOT!

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