Thursday, February 25, 2010

Say What?

Language development for the boys is very important to Casey and I especially after learning that multiples can have a delay because they get less one on one time talking with mom and dad. We try really hard to talk about everything around them, look at books, sing songs, emphasize sounds, and avoid baby talk. We even bought the "Your Baby Can Read" DVDs - no laughing. Even after all of the effort we put into their language development I have found that they are each other's biggest influence. They all say or don't say pretty much the same things and make the same sounds for words. Watching the boys grow and develop is fun, rewarding, and very interesting. I have found it very strange that the boys will name some animals and make some animal sounds but none of them will name an animal and make it's sound together. It is one or the other with them!! For example they say dog (all the time) but will not make a dog sound. They will make a cat sound (which is a hilarious high pitched screech) but will not say cat. It is pretty funny and I always know when our cat is in the room. No wonder she doesn't stick around for long though!

Although the boys are selective in choosing words to say and sounds to make they surprise me everyday with how many words they understand! They know most of their body parts - head (used to be Isaac's favorite word to say as he slapped his head), shoulders, knees, toes (yes, they follow along with the song), eyes, ears, mouth, nose, tongue, and arms. They can pick out different animals in books and while playing with their Little People farm set. At 16 months old the words the boys are saying are:

banana=ba by Drew and nana by Evan - together they make the whole word
DVD=DVD (so funny)
Brewster=B or daw
blueberry and watermelon, but will they say cat, no!

Evan, Isaac, and Drew will all make a T and S sound but refuse to use them with words! The sounds the boys like to make include:

Elephant - they even lift their arms up like the elephant's trunk
fire engine (Drew's favorite)
cow - Evan is the only one who will make this sound and he says meeeeee

Another word the boys love is toast. No they don't say it, they just laugh every time I say it. They are so funny!


PerryBlog said...

Love it! We gotta get together again soon so I can hear all these new words and sounds!

Woman of Many Thoughts said...

Check out Dr. Glenn Doman books and the Gentle Revolution. Cameron's step-mom did this with his little brother and sister, Tanner and Kinsi, and they're geniouses. Seriously. We've been doing it with Isaac too and the results are so awesome!

You can find a lot of the books on for super cheap.