Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baby Proofing

Baby proofing (or containment as it is sometimes referred to in our house) is supposed to consist of baby gates and outlet covers but if you have ever met my boys you would know that these simple measures just won't cut it! Not only do all of the boys walk now, they run, climb, push, pull, and riot.

Since bringing the boys home we turned our dining room into a baby playland. This playroom is where the boys spend most of their day so we have all the supplies we need for them close at hand. Until recently we had a portable crib set up as storage for blankets, books, and toys and also to use the changing table because there was no way I was going to go upstairs to change every diaper! The crib and the diapering supplies became such a temptation for the boys it was too much for them to handle and they just HAD to get into it. My little Isaac has proven himself to be the mastermind behind the demise of the portable crib. He was smart enough to figure out how to push toys over to the crib and stand on them and pull himself up onto the changing table. Will he stack blocks? No. Will he stack toys to stand on. Yes! Isaac gets so focused on accomplishing his missions that anything or anyone who gets in his way...gets it...and yes, I mean a good old fashioned biting! Poor Evan is almost always trying to assist Isaac with his devious plans and inevitably gets in Isaac's way. Needless to say, we are at the heighth of a biting phase...ugh!

So the last straw happened last week. I heard a thud followed by crying while I was in the kitchen doing dishes. I ran into the playroom to see Isaac laying on the floor by the crib crying. When I got to Isaac I looked up and saw Drew STANDING on the changing table with two fists full of vaseline...and a mouth full! I yelled for Casey to come in and as we got Isaac up (who was not injured) we noticed his head was covered in vaseline and every single item that was in the crib was also covered in vaseline. Evan was quietly standing on the other side of the room and also had vaseline on his pajamas! What a mess!!! After a clean up and lunch we headed to the store to try to solve our playroom dilemma.

Yes, Evan has a diaper wedgie.

So now we have shelves with the lotions and potions out of reach and a bench to change diapers on and allow the boys to safely climb on. A pretty decent compromise! The only problem with the new set up is that I always have a little helper when I'm changing diapers. If they aren't trying to grab the clean or dirty diaper my "helper" is poking or hitting his brother. I guess I just can't win!

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