Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Park & Slide

The unusually warm February has brought the Egger Triplets outside! And boy have we been needing it!!! We have started taking the boys to parks to help them burn some of their endless energy. I have no doubt that our little plastic slide at home has provided proper daredevil training for Evan, Isaac, and Drew - they are fearless! Evan is especially fearless, he finds the slide and without hesitation goes down head first. Isaac and Drew like to crab crawl backwards to the slide and go down feet first on their tummies. This makes them very hard to keep up with so Casey and I have to be on our 'A' game to keep them wrangled and safe. We have had a few bumps and spills but the boys love it and cry when we have to leave. Mom's lesson learned - always have juice ready when we get back in the car, it makes leaving a little easier! We recently went to Kayak Point and Riverview Park in Mt. Vernon. We loved Kayak Point and the boys did too. Lots of room to move and it is far away from the parking lot which is important because the boys like to try to divide and conquer. Also a good run on the pier is a good way to wind down and prepare for leaving. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures at Kayak Point:( We can't wait for summer and for the boys to start listening and following instructions!!!

Casey wrangling the boys in an open field. There are soccer players to the right and the boys would keep trying to run over there yelling "ba, ba, ba", which is ball.

Isaac on the swing. It is hard to tell but he really likes it.

Casey keeping his ducks in a row heading for the slide. The boys will not walk on the playground equipment. I think that it might be because there are holes you can see through.

I'm trying to get them all lined up to slide at the same time. No such luck. As you can see, Evan is already pushing off.

Isaac going down the slide.

Drew going down the slide. Rubber shoes don't slide as easy as his pajamas!

Evan going down the slide. We quickly learned that this was the "fast" slide as little E-Man bumped his head the entire way down the slide. He loved every second of it!

This was at a park in Bellingham where we first learned about Evan's fearlessness with slides.

Isaac, Evan, Drew, & Casey. What a great day!


Erin Zacharda said...

How fun!! Looks like you guys are having a blast! Can't wait until mine are walking so we can actually play at the park!

Nora and Chris said...

The slide pics are so cute! I love the one of you trying to get them all lined up :)