Saturday, August 16, 2008

Whopper Of A Day

Mom had a whopper of a day this Thursday. She was babysitting all of her children's babies. No, not grandchildren. John, Jeff, and my dogs! How we all needed a dog sitter on the same day, I'm not sure but mom (with help from Grandma Engeness) was up to the challenge. 4 dogs doesn't seem that bad, but considering that each one is "special" (and I mean somehow neurotic) and the fact that mom had a full day already planned that consisted of a dentist appointment, a plumber coming to the house and a framer. How did she do it? Here are the babies...

Suzie (John's dog)

Suzie is a Bernese Mountain Dog (HUGE) and scared to death of people. Poor, gigantic dog hid in the corner of mom's bedroom while the plumber and framer were there. Oh, by the way, it was over 80 degrees that day and like a sauna in mom's room = one huge, scared, panting dog.

Davie (Jeff's dog)

Davie may have actually been the most normal dog of the bunch. He is super mellow but was a little nervous being left with mom and other strange dogs for the first time. He spent a lot of time up in Grandma's fenced yard with Brewster.

Brewster (My baby)

Don't be fooled by all of the cute pictures of the Brewster man. He is a stranger danger dog who only likes his "pack". His "pack" does not include Jeff. Sorry Jeff. If you are home, Brewster needs to be with you. He spent a lot of time up in the yard with Davie sleeping under a cool bush apparently.

Maggie (Mom and Dad's dog)

Maggie. The most "special" dog of all. Maggie has no rules or boundaries and is well known in the neighborhood. She grew so tired of trying to protect all of her biscuits and hot dogs that she hordes on her dog bed that she went up to Grandma's house and slept in her bed. Maggie was a good sport though having all of those other dogs in her house.

This was also a whopper of a day for me as well. It was the first time I ever ordered a BK Whopper instead of the Whopper Jr. Apparently the way to get rid of the shame is to eat the burger in record time with some onion rings. I wouldn't say that I crave them but as my niece Kayli would say, "I could go for" a Whopper. Yum:) Speaking of Whoppers, here is a week 25 picture...

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lblack said...

Wow! That was a whopper of a day!! I am proud of your mom - she is a brave lady. :) You look great Jenny!!