Monday, August 11, 2008

Into The Wild

Casey went into the wild last week on an impromptu camping trip - by himself! He hiked up to Barclay Lake outside of Baring, WA and camped overnight. I can tell that my pregnancy hormones (i.e. irrationality) have set in because I was worried the entire time he was gone. I was convinced that Bigfoot or a gang of juvenile delinquents had mugged him and taken his phone. Turns out that there just isn't any cell phone coverage in the mountains:) Here are some pictures from his big adventure.

Casey's first view of the lake.

Camp Casey.

Provisions. Check out that sweet knife!

Not only is he handy with a huge knife, he was able to figure out the timer on the camera. I didn't even know we had a timer!

Barclay Lake

Mr. Camper in his tent that neighboring children called "puny". I think it is cute. He says it is functional. I'm not sure how a family of five is going to fit in it though:)

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