Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sad Day Shopping

Yesterday was a sad day. Casey out-shopped me. Our first stop was the tire store (exciting) and while we waited for our sweet new tires we walked around Target and Linen's 'N Things. This proved to be a wasted expense of precious energy.

Next stop - Babies R Us! After finding out I would probably only make it 32 weeks instead of 36, including some bed rest, we decided we had better register for baby goodies. We were there for about 3.5 hours and only the last hour was bad...for me. Casey, who is prone to fit throwing while shopping was a total champ! He mapped out the store and a strategy so we didn't miss anything. I, on the other hand, pooped out in the Pack 'n Play aisle. You know you should just go home when you start to not care what your children will be sleeping in! I found myself giving dirty looks to the pregnant ladies making use of the complimentary wheel chairs. I seriously wanted to take a poll of the store to find out who else was carrying multiples. Next time we go to Babies R Us I will wear pajamas and use the wheel chair!!

Next stop...Target...again. I was complaining out loud about my feet by this point. Casey offered to push me on a buggy but I declined trying to stay tough. We re-fueled with an Icee and breadsticks. Hey, I'm pregnant and Target seemed like a perfectly good eatery:) Baby isle at Lynnwood Target is crap. They have nothing and what they do have is all misplaced. I really lost it here. I kept pleading that we just look online to finish registering. Casey also faltered at this point; made clear by our complete inability to make a simple decision. I held up some stuff so he could at least put the scanner to good use then I headed for the car as fast as I could waddle.

I never thought I would see the day that Casey would last longer than me while shopping. It was indeed a sad day.

18 weeks and getting bigger every day!


*A.R.PERRY* said...

I love your blog, I love your cute picture! I'm glad I can spy on you. love Al

lblack said...

Sad day indeed... I feel for you. Registering is never fun and at one point I even turned the power (scanner gun) over to Logan and said - you just do it!! Wheelchair next time my friend. Wheelchair. :)

Kelly Roberts said...

Sweet Blog! You should see if you would qualify for one of those little rascals - you know those powered wheelchairs that old people get...