Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Big Brother & Big Sister

Big brother Brewster & Big sister Monchi

Ok - so unofficially we already have 2 babies. Brewster Wayne Egger, and Monchichi "The Gooch" Egger. I am a little concerned about them and how they will react to real babies. Monchi is the sensitive one who likes to attend to those who are upset. Brewster is the herder who only likes his "pack" (i.e. Casey and I).

I'm thinking Brew will have the hardest time with the change as he is a 100% mama's boy. I woke up with him under the covers nestled oh so comfortably between Casey and I this morning. Is it wrong to make your real babies sleep at the foot of the bed? If so, I haven't got to that chapter in my "What to Expect..." book. I do think Brewster will do great at detecting dirty diapers though!!

I think Monchi will do ok, but I am concerned that she will want to jump in a crib with a crying baby and try to soothe him/her by rubbing her face all over theirs. I guess we will have to wait and see.

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PerryBlog said...

I have a feeling that Monchi will be like Wiki - she'll just try to stay out of the babies' way. I think Brewster is fully going to embrace big brother status and will help you guys corral the little ones.