Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Casey's Birthday!

It has been awhile since updating the blog and we have had quite a bit of activity. Mama, Daddy-o, and Kayli came to visit and made it just in time for Casey's 31st birthday! He is sporting a new hat from lil' sis Haley. I can't believe he is still willing to wear a Mariner's t-shirt though! He also received an apron with goodies to help him with "Daddy Doodies". Handy gift pack included tongs, wipes, water-proof apron, and butt paste! Perfect gift for daddy to be!!!

Grandma Egger, Aunt Haley, cousin Kayli, and Grandpa Egger.

There was even a pinata for Casey's party pleasure. Grace and Kayli both got several attempts to crack open the giant flip flop but it was Casey's 31 years of strenght that finally did it!

Casey, Eric, Kayli and Grace after pinata smashing. You can see that the girls have bags of loot. It is fun to give your nieces lots of candy with no fear of consequences! I'm pretty sure we'll get our payback soon enough!

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Jeff said...

We love butt paste in the UK, I got mine from:
nappy rash
I love the fact that you have mentioned this amazing lotion here :)