Saturday, February 16, 2013

Day 46: Cousin Fun

Today was a fun-filled day hanging out with cousins!  First stop - Ella's basketball game.  We had so much fun watching her hoop it up with her fierce defense and a sweet lay-up at the end of the game.  Her team did great and won!  Hooray Ella!  The boys actually did really well and made it through the entire game.  Casey and I determined that Isaac is going to be John Stockton-protege point guard.  He really sat and studied the game.  Evan and Drew are all about the points.  We see a lot of assists in Isaac's future!
Next stop - PIZZA!  We all headed to Alfy's where we had a wonderful time eating, talking, and playing in the mini-arcade.  Lucky for me, I found a stash of quarters in the car.  Unlucky for me, games now cost $.50 - $.75!!  What the!!!  Lucky for me, the boys are still young enough to think that they are playing a game when there is no money in it.  Score 1 cheap mom!!!
Last stop - movies!  We love going to the Olympic Theater in Arlington with our cousins.  Saturday matinees are the best (did I mention I was cheap).  Lots of popcorn and nemanems (M&Ms)!  Again, the boys did great sitting through the entire movie.
Tomorrow sure is going to seem boring after our action packed day!
Photo: Cousins after Ella's game.

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