Saturday, February 9, 2013

Day 40: Photo Assistant

I try to get some alone time with each of the boys when I can.  This usually means a trip to the grocery store with mom for something I forgot the day before while shopping with all three of them.  These quick runs to the store happen frequently, as I'm sure you can imagine.  Today was a special day because I was taking pictures of my friend's 2 year old daughter and I needed a photo assistant.  By the "who has been the least naughty" raffle system, Drew was the big winner today.  He was quick to get dressed and was sure to pick out his Star Wars t-shirt because that is my favorite.  One-on-one time is fun, rare, and a lot less expensive - so we stopped for some hot chocolate and a cake pop!  I had one happy little boy with me.  Once we arrived at the park for pictures Drew warmed up quickly and started to chat non-stop.  Assisting....not currently his strength.  Here is an example of Drew helping.

I'm not sure what part of stand behind mommy he didn't understand:)

When we got home we had dinner with the family, played, had baths, and watched a movie using our new super special blankets Grandma and Grandpa Egger sent the boys.  They were so excited to use them!  I have them sitting out for them so they can put them back on when they get up in the morning - and fall back asleep.  YA RIGHT!

Bedtime was even more exciting because the boys got to sleep with their new Star Wars friends (also from Grandma and Grandpa Egger)!  Casey and I kept laughing because they looked so funny in their little beds with Yoda, Chewy, and Darkside (Darth Vader)!

Evan and Yoda
Only Isaac could love the darkside!
Drew and Chewy

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