Friday, February 1, 2013

Day 32: Dentist

Ever have one of those days when your kids do something so embarrassing/horrific you actually have no idea what to do?  Today was that day for me.

One of my spirited children pulled the fire alarm at the dentist's office today.  Seriously.  When the alarm went off we were sitting in the waiting room and it didn't even cross my mind that one of the boys could have had anything to do with it!  As staff and patients all looked around confused, hands over their ears, and wondering if we really need to leave the building someone just happened to float the possibility that the alarm could have been pulled.  That is when EVERYONE looked at a tiny red box on the wall near my son's head.  There it was.  A small broken seal and handle that once pushed back up would not make the noise stop. 

I discovered a new stress response today other than fight or flight.  Paralysis.  I couldn't move.  The blood in my body couldn't even move up to my face to show how embarrassed I was.  How did this happen RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME?  I was sitting right there watching all three boys.  The alarm was placed in a sweet, temptatious spot by the activity table and ever so slightly covered by some greenery and this child could not resist.

The alarm finally turned off and it was business as usual.  I think I finally started breathing and gave small child an earful of incoherent words and sufficiently scared him into believing policemen and firefighters were coming and were NOT happy with him (eh, not my best parenting moment).  But then there is this overwhelming desire to leave but you still need to stay...for like another 2 hours!  Ugh!

I'll find the gray hair from this one in the morning I'm sure.  In any case, they let us stay and here is Isaac, whom I am neither confirming or denying is guilty, showing how brave he is at the dentist office.
Potential suspect, Isaac.

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