Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Blog? What Blog?

Busted.  It has been way too long since I have updated this dang blog.  I'm not sure why I completely stopped for almost a year considering how much I cherish and enjoy the memories that have already been recorded.  Things I had forgotten about!  What?  Me?  Forget something hysterical one of my sweet nuggets said or did?  Impossible.


So, I apologize to anyone who may read this because now I'm focused on recording all mundane details of the boys childhood because as it turns out the mommy mush brain people talk about is real. 

Lets get the last year updated...summary style.  That mommy mush brain stuff ya know.

Starting with December 2011...

Aren't these just the cutest little cowboys you've ever seen?  Who knew a box of old hats could be so much fun.
I made them wear crazy elf headbands.  This lasted 3 seconds.

We did lots of art projects.  LOTS!  Here is some of our handy work, ornaments and stockings.  We decorated the playroom with all of our projects.  Although it looked it little crazy, the room seemed so bare when it all had to come down.  (side note: Holiday decorations were put away before February.  A new Egger Family record!)

The boys were really feeling the holiday spirit this year and were so excited to help decorate the tree.  Even though a random assortment of non-breakable ornaments were used and hung mostly at hip level, our tree had never looked better!

We made cookies!  Lots of cookies!  The boys love to help in the kitchen.  And here is where I recognize that there is a special place in heaven for parents who like to cook with their kids.  I'm not sure I'm one of them but I'm working on it.  Seems like fun from the pictures but I'm sure I was sweating behind the camera!

Oh can't forget about the big guy comin' to town!  The boys were SO excited for Santa to come to OUR house!  This was the first year they really learned Christmas songs and worried about being naughty or nice!  A special thanks to Go-Go, our elf on the shelf.  Without his daily watchful presence we might have had 3 little boys on the naughty list.
 Isaac, Drew & Evan

Gotta love these guys!
Drew, Evan & Isaac