Monday, March 7, 2011

Still Catching Up...Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010 was so much fun! The boys could understand (kind of) who Santa was, they were really excited about snowmen and Christmas lights. Evening drives were a lot of fun with a LOT of shouting from the back seat, "I SEE KISSMAS LIGHTS."
Here is our Christmas in a very small nutshell...

The boys posed for pictures for mommy...
...well, we tried......and tried again.

We made cookies for Santa with Grandma and Papa.
Evan and Isaac.

What a yummy mess!

We went home and set our cookies out for Santa with some milk. Evan and Drew even tested the milk to make sure it was just right for Santa. Isaac was so exhausted from making the cookies that he fell asleep on the way home - don't worry, we told him all about it the next day:) Drew and Evan also kissed the cookies just to make sure they were extra special for Santa. It must have worked because Santa ate every single cookie!
Christmas morning was SO exciting!
My favorite memory from Christmas morning was Isaac asking Brewster for help opening his presents. He would say "hep me Brewsie." Of course Brewster was glad to help! I think next year I will ask Santa not to use Thomas the Tank Engine wrapping paper because I'm pretty sure Isaac thought anything wrapped in Thomas paper would be a Thomas toy.
Mommy made all of the boys [try to] pose for one more group picture!


Lauren said...

Love your blog! So sweet!

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Clariz said...

This is sooo adorable! These boys would be so much amazed when the time comes that they themselves are gonna see this! Goodluck to your long journey of motherhood! :)
- Claa

Hessed Joy said...

Adorable! I'd always wished I'd have twins or maybe triplets after a few years. My grandma has a twin sister so I thought that I'd have a high chance of conceiving twins. Anyhow, your children are adorable. :)

J.B. said...

cool. must be stressy with the kids but also a lot of fun. your main picture is really great :D

Amrita said...

Your babies are so cute