Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The sweet smell of victory!

Today was a very exciting day at the Egger house. Drew went poo-poo and pee-pee on the toilet!
Drew was grunting while the boys were eating their lunch so Casey asked him if he was pooping and Drew said "yes." I told Casey not to bother because Drew was grunting and then laughing earlier at breakfast. But apparently Casey believes in the "give every grunt a chance" method and took Drew into the bathroom (must be a guy thing). We had recently bought a little seat for the toilet on a whim in case they began to show any interest. Casey showed Drew how to hold onto the handles and most importantly... to keep your feet and legs down:)
Drew sat there while we cheered him on. We even brought in his Elmo Likes To Potty book for him to look at - one of several ideas to introduce the concept and begin the daunting task of potty training three boys. After several pushes and a few noises Drew surprised us both! Needless to say a HOORAY of tremendous proportions was in order and Drew got to call Grandma and Papa to tell them of his triumph.
Don't think that I am foolish enough to believe he is potty trained now or even close, but let's hope it will happen again before he is 3 years old. Casey is giddy and sees a light at the end of the diaper tunnel however he continues to do the math of how much money we waste on diapers (.35 x 5 changes on average per day x 3 boys = $5.25 per day = 157.50 a month).
Today we are very proud parents!

Drew showing us how he grunts!

Oh yes I did take a picture! Way to go Drew!!!

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lblack said...

Way to go Drew!!! That is amazing and definitely something to be celebrated! Oh the joy of potty training boys... Good luck. :)