Friday, June 11, 2010

Big Day For Isaac

Isaac had his last developmental follow-up appointment at Children's Everett Clinic today! Isaac has been seen there every 6 months since his extended stay in the NICU (an entire month of getting better and waiting for surgery) when he was just 8 weeks old as part of standard procedures. Today's appointment was his "18 month" follow-up visit and I say "18 month" because that is his adjusted age for prematurity.
We are so fortunate that despite Isaac's rough start in life he is totally healthy and we have never had any concerns regarding his development. At each appointment he has met or exceeded his developmental goals and today was no different. Actually, it was a little different because he blew the therapist's socks off with all of his tricks (if I may toot Ikie's horn a little)!
Did I mention that Isaac and I went to the appointment alone? Just mommy and 1 baby!!! What a nice morning we had. Evan and Drew got to hang out with Grandma and Papa while Isaac and I went to his appointment. I can only imagine life with a singleton! We were on time. I didn't have to unload a wagon or stroller. I didn't have to put on 6 socks and 6 shoes once we got there (we have a small issue keeping our socks and shoes on in the car). Isaac and I were able to hold hands and leisurely walk into the office. While we walked he pointed out cars (which there were a lot as we strolled by the parking lot) and trees. It was really nice spending some time alone with him!
It was really interesting to see Isaac in action without his brothers. Although he is probably our most dominant little guy he sure was shy all by himself. While in the waiting room Isaac just stood between my legs and checked everyone out. When we got into our therapy room he was still pretty shy with the two therapists but warmed up quickly once they got started with the blocks. Once he warmed up there was no stopping him! He completed all of his tests quickly and then would stand up and look out the window or put the testing materials away for the gals - as if he owned the place! One of the things that impressed them the most about Isaac was his coordinated run for his age! I just thought to myself, you should see him run when he is naked and you want to put a diaper on! He was even talking a lot and said "thank you" and "clock" among other things while we were there. Just when he couldn't get any more impressive (and I turned my back for a second) he started digging in the garbage can trying to fish out some old cheerios!
Our moment of brilliance was short lived but it was great while it lasted! Way to go Isaac!!!

Here is Isaac as Indiana Jones and his sidekick Evan.

Isaac in his perch - the window.

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MoDLin said...

Hurray for those moments of brilliance! Yay Isaac! And, hey, I love Cheerios, too. Smart boy!