Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Living on an island and having 3 babies I can't go anywhere by myself with (yet) sometimes creates a feeling of isolation. So needless to say I itch to get out and go places. I will get my mom to go to the grocery store with me, to the outlet mall, or just go hang out at Grandma's. Casey and I also make frequent trips to Costco and Target for formula, wipes, and baby food - lots of baby food. As you can imagine we sometimes create a lot of attention and are stopped frequently by fellow shoppers, especially the day we had to take Brewster into Target with us because it was too hot! Can you imagine that sight? 3 babies and a dog! Although I enjoy strangers telling us how adorable our babies are and am thankful for people telling us how blessed we are I am beginning to cringe when the questions and comment start. You cannot believe some of the questions people ask us! Not to mention the random comments people will make.

Here are some of the questions:
Are they natural? - no, they are unnatural
Are you having more kids? - none of your business
How did you carry them? - really, do you want me to answer this
Two boys and a girl? - what? they are all wearing the same outfit
Did you nurse them? - again, none of your business
How were they delivered? - by the stork
Triplets? Are they all yours? - yes, I have been asked this several times

Some comments:
They must be expensive.
That must have hurt.
You have your hands full.
You must be busy.

And my favorite comment that has had me stewing for a week now came from some random lady at Costco who had her young daughter with her. It went like this.
"Are these all yours?"
"Fun (insert sarcastic tone)." and as she turn away continued, "Three babies at once."
"That was rude." and I kept on walking. What I should have said was, "Is that your daughter? A girl. Fun."

I fear that the next person with a snarky comment will feel the wrath caused by the 900 idiots that preceded them.


Erin Zacharda said...

Boy are we living parallel lives! I get the exact same questions/comments. I too have even gotten the one "Triplets? Are they all yours?" No actually 2 are mine and I found the other one in a ditch. Duh people!
By the way, we watch Diego in our Bumbo chairs too! Too funny!

PerryBlog said...

You MUST post the story of the next poor soul on whom you unleash the wrath!!! Anxiously awaiting.

Jen said...

I don't think I left the house without Eric or my mom for YEARS with Grace & Ella. The first time I went to Target by myself was a HUGE deal. I think Ella was two. (I'm also a big wus, but whatever.)

Having 2 kids a year apart is pretty great, too- it's awesome when people make jokes about how I must have left the maternity ward already pregnant (like we were sex-crazed perverts.) Or ask if Ella was a mistake (Why yes, she's completely unwanted. Perhaps YOU could take her off our hands.)

People are idiots. You should start carrying a 2x4 to smack them on the head with.