Thursday, July 16, 2009


It can be hard to get one kid to smile and take a good picture and three is nearly impossible. I have taken the boys to get pictures at 3 and 6 months and have their 9 month scheduled for next week. As if feeding, bathing, changing, getting in the car and arriving at a time when the boys will be happy and smiley (and finishing in time for the next feeding) isn't hard enough I also have to battle the bruises, scratches, and black eyes that pop up. Evan is the biggest culprit. This kid takes a header into everything!!! The problem is that he tries to do everything at lightening speed and insists on standing at any object sturdy or not - even when his little legs are tired. The big scratches on his forehead are finally gone just in time for a black eye, bruised eyebrow, and scratch in the corner of his eye to appear so close to picture day. Aunt Jen, will you be able to help us out with some sweet photoshop?
Bruises, scratches and all he is still pretty dang cute!

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