Sunday, March 15, 2009

Isaac I Am

Our little man Isaac. Also known as Spud, Tator Tot, Peanut, and Smiley (and formerly known as Baby B). Isaac is a little flirt and loves to smile at people. He has an adorable crooked smile that will melt your heart (his smile is hard to get a picture of because he is very interested in the camera). He started his flirting in the hospital by winning over all of his nurses and it has continued today. Just the other day while we were out he flashed a big smile at some lady and she just gushed over him. He loves the attention. Isaac is learning to be VERY vocal to get your attention. He likes to be tickled and laughs really hard. Isaac is still little but catching up to his brothers quickly. He wears size 2 diapers now (maybe 1 1/2)!

Isaac just recently decided that Brewster is really funny. He will watch Brewster when he is in the room and then just start laughing at him. He even likes it when he barks (which mom and dad hate - can you say shock collar?) but he does not like Brewster's high pitched "singing" voice as his smile turns into a very concerned look. Brewster is happy to have a little buddy. We are a little concerned about Brewster's influence on Isaac. Isaac has become well known for his licking, drooling, and sticking his tongue out. Don't worry, he's not panting or sniffing bums, just concentrating really hard.

Isaac LOVES to be held and would be happy to hang on to you for hours and walk around the house. He especially likes to hang like a monkey on Grandpa Grose. After Isaac came home from his extended stay in the hospital you could set your watch by a 4pm meltdown but he has gotten used to his crazy and noisy family and no longer meltsdown...at4pm. Isaac likes to hang out and play with his brothers but is sure to tattle if Evan scratches him or if Drew pinches him. Hopefully I will be able to count on Isaac to tell on his brothers when they get older:) Isaac is a very happy baby and makes my day every morning when I wake up to a big smile!

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Nora said...

Love all the updates for each of them- they are sooo cute! Isaac is still my crush though :) Hope to see you soon!