Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hey Drew

Drew is simply known as Drew Bear around our house. He is cuddly like a bear and hibernates like a bear when he sleeps. Drew was formerly known as Baby C or The Lone Ranger. He is a long, lean yelling machine and has really found his vocal cords! Drew loves to play on the activity mat with overhead light show. He gets so worked up watching the light show and playing with his toys that he just starts yelling at them. I'm pretty sure he is using some baby 4 letter words! After playing hard all Drew needs is his binky and a blanket and he puts himself right to sleep. This comes in very handy as his brothers are not so cooperative.

One of Drew's favorite pastimes is dancing. He likes to Latin dance with mommy (I'm working on my footwork) and enjoys dance-off competitions with Evan. Who knew Drew could do the macarena and break dance! He loves to stand now on his new found dancing legs making it nearly impossible to burp him sitting down. Drew also loves music and has his own song, "Hey Jude" but with the words changed to "Hey Drew". He likes it when Daddy sings it to him. Mommy - not so much.

Drew is happy to play by himself or wrestle with his brothers. He likes to sit in the crib watching the mobile and hold hands with Isaac (and occasionally suck on Isaac's hand). Drew is still quite a talker and loves to have long conversations with Grandpa Grose. From day one Drew has been the cooing baby when he ate and slept. This has continued today and I often hear him cooing in his sleep on the monitor. Of the three boys Drew is currently in the lead with the most hair. It is coming in light brown and is getting close to needing a comb. Drew is a very special boy and our days wouldn't be the same without him!

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Gern Blanston said...

Hey Triptomom - love the updates. Drew, in that top picture, looks like a mini-Casey.