Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I've got some problems...

As the boys are getting bigger and more active I've discovered that I have got a few problems.


The boys' favorite toy is an activity mat with overhead toys and a star that lights up. The toy is meant for one baby and three little heads are competing for real estate on it. Recently their little hands have started wondering and grabbing onto their brothers. Evan is pretty sneaky as he grabs ears while looking the other way. Drew and Isaac are both guilty of this as well. Isaac is the one who gets the most upset when he gets grabbed or scratched. Needless to say activity time has turned into baby cage fighting. E-Man (Evan) also has a problem scratching himself. He wiggles his arms out of his blanket at night and scratched the heck out of his head! Poor guy looks like he ran under a barbed wire fence - and was too tall!


Isaac. The little guy will contort his body in order to get into a position to suck on the back of his brothers heads. Drew has also started licking heads too. I think that Casey is right when he said that licking is the gateway to biting!! Brewster is also a big licker. He thinks he is being a good big brother by cleaning the babies heads. We really gotta watch the hairy brother:)

TV Watching

Drew loves the tv! What can I say, so does mommy! This guy will turn his head to watch the tv no matter where he is and stare as if he is really into the show. I have always said that my kids won't watch a lot of tv but I have to admit that this comes in handy when trying to feed three babies! Mom of the year...I know.

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