Monday, December 22, 2008


Isaac finally had his surgery this morning! He was transported to Children's Saturday afternoon (in hopes of beating the snow storm) and has been patiently waiting for surgery. After a long night of little sleep with mom and dad taking shifts to jump up and put his binky back in his mouth, Isaac had finally drifted off into a deep sleep when we got the news that they could get him in this morning instead of later this evening. The little man did great! The surgery was an "open" surgery instead of laproscopic and he may have a cool scar like Uncle Jeff. He was only in the recovery room for about an hour and is now back in his regular room snoozing away. The surgeon told us that Isaac's pylorus muscle was one of the biggest he had ever seen in a preemie! How did 4 doctors miss this diagnosis then, you might be wondering...don't get me started!

In a couple of hours we will get to try to feed him some pedialyte and graduate up to regular formula if he tolerates it well. Casey and I are confident he will do well because he is one scrappy little fighter. Isaac has not eaten from a bottle or had food in his belly for 3 weeks now and is pretty mad about it! The surgeon warned us not to let him make up for lost time and gulped down an entire bottle:)

Next step - getting out of here with a small child post-surgery in the worst snow storm in a decade. If Casey thought I was a nervous passenger before wait until we get Isaac in the car!!

Before surgery

Isaac and daddy

After surgery sleeping away with his faithful companion Wizard the dog.


Nora said...

Jenny and Casey- so glad to hear he finally had surgery and all is well! I have been thinking about you guys with this snow and getting down to seattle for the surgery. I hope you all get to have a Merry Christmas at home together! Be safe! :)


Anonymous said...

that is the best Christmas present ever, hearing that isaac AUSTIN is through surgery and getting ready to eat something! Merry Christmas to all five Eggers from the careful on the roads!

PerryBlog said...

We are so relieved that all went well. Isaac looks really good! Even after 3 weeks without "real" (baby) food, he looks very healthy and strong. What a fighter!

Merry Christmas! We miss you.

Kim, Jedd & Kyla

lblack said...

I'm so happy the surgery went well! Isaac is one tough kiddo!! Love you guys. :)