Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Comeback Kid!

We are thrilled to report that little Isaac is doing much better. He is still recovering at the NICU from his aspirated pneumonia all the while winning the hearts of the nurses. The cause for Isaac's pneumonia has been determined the result of pyloric stenosis (enlarged muscle between his stomach and intestine) and is currently waiting for surgery to be scheduled at Children's Hospital in Seattle hopefully by the end of this week. He is still fragile with a recovering immune system but is 100% better than he was last Saturday!!

Although 3 babies are a handful we can't wait for Isaac to get home and get back into our chaotic routine. I think Evan especially misses his identical twin and talking to him in their secret language (which sounds like dolphins). Things just aren't the same without Isaac at home where everything comes in 3's.

Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers. Isaac sure is a lucky guy to have so many people thinking about him!!

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Man of Many Thoughts said...

Good to hear you guys and thank you so much for the updates. We've been praying and are still trying to find some time to get down there and see you guys!