Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Birthday Weekend Jamboree!

Evan, Isaac, & Drew are 2!!!
We decided to celebrate the boys' birthday over several days this year and to make it a birthday weekend extravaganza (i.e., Casey and I are poor party planners) and just let them go wild! On Saturday we went shopping and let them walk into a store. In case you didn't get the significance of that, I said WALK. No strollers, no shopping carts, and no wagon. We let them pick out a couple Thomas trains before they had to clean up after themselves. I caught Isaac running into himself in a full length mirror and he said "hello" and them kissed himself! After the shopping we ate dinner at a restaurant where the boys enjoyed people watching, coloring, and playing with stickers. Drew also appointed himself the official greeter and said hello and bye to everyone who could hear him...which was everyone!
On Sunday we took the boys to Jungle Playland to burn off some serious energy. There are ball pits, slides, and bouncers at Jungle Playland and we did them all. WE ALL did them all. After chasing the boys around, taking them down the FASTEST tube slide ever (you should see the tube burn on Casey's elbows), a minor split lip on Evan, and ball pit jumping Casey and I were sweaty and tired! The boys loved it though so I think we will be going back.
Here are Evan and Isaac climbing in the little kid area.

Isaac and Evan in the big kid ball pit. Drew was off and running and impossible to get a non-blurry picture of.
Casey and his boys!

On Monday since the boys were still coughing from a little cold we skipped preschool and went to the pumpkin patch. The boys loved this because "picking" or choosing things is really exciting to them. They all got to choose their own pumpkin, ride a train, look at some animals, and ride in a wheel barrow!

Drew having a seat on a pumpkin.

Evan pointing to a pumpkin he liked.

Tough man Ike picking up a big pumpkin!

Look how big we are on our 2nd birthday!

No room for pumpkins in this wheelbarrow. Sometimes I wonder if other parents think we are crazy:)

Drew, Isaac, and Evan. I cannot get Isaac to take his finger out of his nose!

We are three wild and crazy guys!
Me and my big boys!


Nora said...

First-super cute pics!
Second-those vests the boys are wearing are ADORABLE!
Third-we went to the same pumpkin "patch" :)

Woman of Many Thoughts said...

Happy birthday babes!

Woman of Many Thoughts said...

Oh - by the way...did Casey have to Lysol the ball pit prior to jumping in? AND We call Isaac Ike too lol!

Gern Blanston said...

Happy belated birthday boys! Love those Seahawks jerseys

Gomablanca said...

funny Birthday ^^

Marshall Lynch said...

the three kids was very handsome little boy,
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