Monday, July 26, 2010

Beating the Heat

It has been so hot lately, over 70 degrees, which makes our house feel like 400 degrees so we have had to move outside in the late afternoon to beat the heat! My $5 investment at the drug store for a small baby pool has been worth every last cent. The boys LOVE playing in the pool and recently discovered they also like the sprinkler (after a warm up introduction at Grandma and Papa's house). Add a couple of balls and some toys and you end up with a fight to get them inside!

When we play outside our house looks like a daycare. Casey is so good about picking up after us. We wouldn't want neighborhood kids thinking our yard is a park:)

Isaac getting hit by the sprinkler - and it was COLD!

Drew trying to decide if he likes the sprinkler.

Drew has a hard time keeping his shorts up.

Isaac is starting to like the sprinkler.


Evan running from the sprinkler.

Evan loving the sprinkler!!

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