Saturday, January 23, 2010

Christmas 2009

Christmas was a lot of fun for our family this year. The boys enjoyed looking at Christmas decorations and lights and would have really liked to touch it all. Although the boys received many gifts, the wrapping paper and boxes proved to be their favorite toys. Not only did new "big boy" toys come at the perfect time (as the boys were getting very bored with their baby toys) but Santa also brought them a big slide to help get out some of their endless energy. They love sliding but have found it more fun to climb to the platform and dance which inevitably creates a baby traffic jam and biting and pushing ensues. Close supervision is required:)

A rare family picture with everyone looking in the same direction!

The boys were able to visit with Santa this year to share all of their wants and wishes for Christmas. I had "heard" of Santa's Den in Marysville that people really liked so I decided to check it out. My mom and I dressed the boys in their Christmas sweaters, packed them in the car and headed out for Santa pictures. I arrived at Santa's Den to find the actual Den curtained off but the desk where you purchased your package had really nice sample photos with a nice looking Santa in front of a decorated tree or fireplace. So we purchased our package and waited our turn. Finally, Santa was ready for us...or so he thought. The Egger hurricane entered the den and I quickly began grabbing boys and trying to get them sitting with Santa. By the time I took a real good look around at the "Den" it was too late. The "Den" consisted of the ugliest, cheapest looking backdrops and a stuffed reindeer. So I went with the dollar store den and figured it wouldn't look that bad in the pictures. Wrong! Oh well, we will laugh about it next year!! Despite the surroundings the boys did ok. There were a few tears but no major meltdowns. Mom and I were sweating and exhausted by the time we were done but it was worth it...kind of:)

Surprisingly, Evan who has recently been the most shy around strangers did the best with Santa. Must have been the candy canes!

Isaac didn't like Santa very much and never once looked at the camera.

Drew is frozen with fear in a running position.

Yes Evan, you are sitting on a dead, stuffed Rudolf and Santa has a death grip on the back of your sweater.
Can't wait for next year!!!!

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PerryBlog said...

If it's not a screaming baby then it's a freaky stuffed reindeer (or Santa balls...)! The boys look adorable! You'll talk about that Santa trip every year.