Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Force Is Strong In These Ones

One of the benefits of having multiples is dressing up for Halloween as a group. This year we decided to dress up in Star Wars gear. The boys were Ewoks, Casey was Obi Wan Kenobi, Brewster was Yoda, and I was Princess Leia.
On Friday we went to Granite and did some trick or treating in the office. They boys were distracted enough by all of the people and other kids that they stopped trying to tear their hoods off. Drew was let loose to walk and managed to find a Papa-ish looking old guy and went straight to him and asked to be picked up. He did this 3 times!!! I had to tell him it wasn't Papa and quickly get out of there:)
On Halloween we stopped by to see Uncle Eric, Grace, and Ella before heading over to Grandma and Papa's house. It is hard to believe that on Halloween a year ago Casey and I were bringing Drew and Isaac home from the hospital. Look how far we have come!!! We had a great time this year and are already thinking of ideas for next year!

Casey has some sweet light saber fighting moves!

Mommy and Evan.

Daddy and Drew.

Drew. I think he really likes being dressed up:)

Isaac. He is probably looking for fallen candy to eat.

Evan. He is a wild Ewok.

And you can't forget the Jedi Master, Brewster.

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PerryBlog said...

Was the Papa-ish looking guy Don? You guys were so cute!