Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Time Flies

The last month has been a very busy one! After 6 months of staying with my parents and being spoiled rotten with extra hands, hot meals, and babysitting (THANK YOU MOM & DAD!!); the Egger's have moved back to their own home. I slept in my own bed for the first time since August 2008! Not like it was a great night sleep though:) We have been busy trying to get settled back in and baby-fying all while trying to keep up our routine and schedule. Casey is adjusting to working from home with 3 babies and me. I think Brewster also preferred working with Casey alone all day with no interruptions.

Part of baby-fying our house included converting our dining room into a baby playland. We think the buffet and wine are a nice touch in a baby play room:)

Some things that have happened in the last month include the boys' six month birthday, introduction of solid foods, babies getting mobile, mama getting mobile and their seven month birthday.

Drew, Isaac, and Evan at six months old! They are getting so big!!

Starting solids was a big deal at the Egger house. We were so excited to get the green light from their pediatrician at their 6 month well baby check-up. My excitement was quickly replaced with total confusion. I understood how to feed the babies, but WHEN? After some trial and error(error was trying to give them cereal when they were really hungry for a bottle and were more than frustrated by the tiny bites mom was giving them) we found something that worked and were on our way. When we started with real food, like squash and peas, the boys didn't even hesitate! They each gobbled down an entire container of food. The only food the boys thought about before the second bite was carrots but those were also quickly eaten. We enjoy some cereal in the morning and some veggies or fruit in the evening for now. If the boys eating habits now are a predictor of what is to come, Casey and I will need to buy a second refrigerator for the garage sooner rather than later!




The boys are now mobile. Commando crawling and rolling get these guys wherever they want to go! Drew found his way to Brewster food and water dish all the while Brewster was looking on in silence. Evan is a very effective roller and can scoot backwards. When he gets backed up against a wall or toy he rolls and starts scooting in another direction. Isaac is my ninja baby. He rolls around and rocks on all fours but doesn't move much when I'm watching him but when I leave the room and come back he will be on the complete opposite end of the room, I'm still not sure how he does it.

Isaac getting into trouble.

Drew getting in trouble.

For Mother's Day I received a triple jogging stroller and I was so excited! I can now take the boys for walks by myself. Other than recovering from the lingering effects of total body muscle atrophy from bedrest, I have really enjoyed the exercise and the boys love putting their hats on and getting some fresh air. Brewster, on the other hand, often goes home after the first lap around the neighborhood or just won't leave the yard! He has gained some baby weight too!

The boys also had their 7 month birthday and just a couple days ago starting cutting teeth. All three of them!! They are handling it so well, like little champs. I think that with their new teeth and healthy appetites we will be fast-tracking the introduction phase of solids and start eating a little more. We have also recently decided to back off of the prunes:)

7 months old!!

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