Sunday, January 18, 2009

Predictions and Resolutions

Now that the boys are three months old and it is the new year it is time to share our predictions and resolutions for each of them.


Prediction: He will be the first to crawl. He works so hard during tummy time and is starting to get up on his chubby little elbows.

Resolution: To get a nice round Charlie Brown head:)

Prediction: He will be the first to walk. Forget crawling - this guy already likes to stand and is surprisingly strong. So his monkey toes are all curled up, but someday those feet will hit the floor flat and he will take off. Probably to get himself a bottle.

Resolution: To not be so cranky in the evening and make grandpa carry me around all night. Ok, this might be mom's resolution for Isaac.

Prediction: He will be the first to talk. Drew works very hard at talking and is quite pleased with himself when he thinks he is communicating. We think that Drew is trying really hard to mimick us talking and is able to make different sounds than his brothers.

Resolution: To not fight his toots so hard. You have never seen a kid work so hard at passing gas! He frequently takes it out on a binky.

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PerryBlog said...

Love the pics! They are growing so much. Good predictions and resolutions. You'll have to have a follow-up to fill us in on their progress.