Saturday, November 15, 2008

They're Home!

Ok. So this is old news that the boys are all home but it is the first chance I have had to write about it. Isaac and Drew came home on October 30th and Evan came home on November 2nd. All boys are healthy and getting bigger every day. They are actually 4 weeks old today and still not even officially "due" yet (due date November 26th). We are enjoying our time with them and getting to know each boy's personality.

Evan (baby A)
He is a guy who knows what he wants. He can really let you know when he is hungry and also really enjoys his tummy time and exercising his limbs.

Isaac (baby B)
Our little thinker. He currently gets the prize for fussiest. He is still the smallest but catching up quickly. I think that because of his small size that his gas bothers him more than the other boys.

Drew (baby C)
Mr. laid back. He eats hard, sleeps hard, and plays hard. I can always count on Drew to wait his turn at meal time - thank goodness!!

We are still getting the hang of logistics with 3 babies. Bath time is a little tricky but we are working on it. Grandma and Grandpa have been a huge help with the boys. It is nice when the adults can out number the babies. Evan, Isaac, and Drew sure are lucky little boys to have so many people who love them!

To make up for lost time I have posted some pictures. They are a mix of the boys at home and at the hospital.

A picture of the boys' room at the hospital once they were all moved in together.

Here is a picture of the boys napping. One can be squirmy and yell and not bother the others. I think they are used to living in tight quarters.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Isaac. He is the attentive thinker.

I was in the hospital for over 7 weeks and this was the craftiest thing I could make for the boys. Hats with their initials on them. Yes, that is a "D" not an "O". They are going to be so embarrassed of their mom!
Here is Drew after a nice bath. He sure was relaxed after his spa treatment.

Here is a little reminder that even angels (Evan) can get upset:)

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Man of Many Thoughts said...

Oh my goodness you guys! They are so darn cute. They MUST get that from you Jenny. Hope to see you guys soon.