Monday, July 28, 2008

Shower Power

Baby Showers! I recently had 2 baby showers. One at work and one with the girls! I can tell you that we already have 3 very spoiled little boys!! I am just in shock of everyone's generosity. Casey and I are so thankful to everyone for well wishes, cards, and mountains of gifts! We are going to have the best dressed kids on Camano Island!! Thank you everyone!!!

Here are a couple of pictures from the shower given to me at work. Kim and Kristi were the party planners extraordinaire. Thank you! We had some fantastic desserts and a room full of oohing and awing women.

Casey and I the day of the shower. This picture was taken before he left. I've never seen a guy move so fast to avoid a houseful of ladies! This is a 22 week belly and boy is it big! So big I apparently couldn't see the ugly flip flops I was wearing:)

Here is Leah - the game show hostess with the mostess! She and Allie were the party planners who were nice enough to bring the traveling baby shower show to me! I'm so lucky to have such wonderful friends! Thanks girls!!

Allie and little sister Kate.

Grandma Grose and Great Grandma Engeness.

It was a party for all ages!!

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